The Do's and Don'ts of Selling Your Property

Published: 29/02/2016 By Katie Nixon

Here at Mi-Move Sutton we frequently get asked what the magic formula is for selling a property – if only it were that simple.


Selling a property can be an emotional experience and sometimes hearing negative feedback about the place you call home can be upsetting.


However, there are a few ways in which you can enhance your property without spending a fortune that can be particularly helpful when we’re taking photographs or showing potential buyers around…

DO make sure that children’s toys/clothes etc are tidied away. Lots of clutter can put off potential buyers as they will think there isn’t enough storage space for their things

DON’T tell the potential buyer your life story or give them personal information that might either give them negotiating power or put them off, such as an impending divorce or recent death at the property

DO tidy the front garden and front door as first impressions really do count. Also make sure the windows are clean to allow as much natural light in as possible

DON’T forget to try and banish pet or smoke odours. Yes this is your home at the moment but you are trying to sell it and not everyone is pet/smoke friendly

DO go out where possible if viewings are taking place. The agent is the expert and is there to show your property off in its best light. If you do have to conduct a viewing be friendly but not overly so and answer questions honestly. It’s also best to leave price negotiations to the agent who has plenty of experience in this area

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