Published: 03/05/2016 By Nicola Fraser

Here at Mi-Move Sutton, we provide help and advice to a range of clients. Prospective vendors, landlords and even tenants all have questions we’re more than happy to help with if we can.

Something that comes up again and again, especially for first time landlords, is how to present a rental property to achieve a good rental and attract the best tenants. Currently the property rental market is flooded with options, meaning it’s now more important than ever to showcase your property in its best possible light to beat off the competition. Here are the five things we believe are most important when trying to secure the best tenant for your property…

1) Functionality Beats Style

As a landlord, you might be tempted (budget allowing) to provide a swish, high-end pad for your tenants, however from our experience tenants will always prefer functionality over style. There is simply no need to spend thousands on a new top of the range kitchen if there is a ceiling on what you can charge in rent, which inevitably there will be. It doesn’t need to be ultra-modern, over-styled or super sleek as the majority of tenants are looking for a comfortable space to set up home with appliances that work.

2) First Impressions Count!

The exterior of your property is just as important as the inside, it’s what we in the trade call ‘kerb appeal, and it’s what prospective tenants see first. Put some thought into landscaping (or at least putting some plant pots out if you can), present a clean and painted exterior (touch up those windowsills) and a polished front door with a shiny new door number will do wonders. Make sure you also fix any cracked or broken steps, fences, gates and trim any overgrown bushes or trees to give a welcoming first impression making them think ‘I want to live here’.

3) Kitchen and Bathroom

The main areas prospective tenants look at when viewing a property are the kitchen and bathroom. This is what they usually will want to see first, so if you want to refurbish the property consider doing these two key rooms before doing anything else. Yes, these rooms might cost more but in the long run a great kitchen and bathroom will sell a property to a tenant. Don’t think you have to replace a whole kitchen as there are small changes that can be made for a fraction of the cost. If cupboard doors are looking a little worn or dated simply replace these, or alternatively paint them and fix on new door knobs. Lighting is key for both of these rooms so make sure it’s well placed - over cooking/washing up areas and near mirrors in bathrooms – and use the highest wattage bulb for these light fittings. In the bathroom simply replacing the taps, adding a new shower curtain or updating the toilet seat can give it a clean, fresh feeling.

4) Lick of Paint

A little paint can go a long way, whether it’s inside, outside or even just one wall! Painting one wall an accent colour is a great way to brighten up a room. You should really aim to re-paint your property every 5 years or so and white paint seems to be having a moment. Paint doesn’t cost a lot of money and it demonstrates to prospective tenants that the property is well looked after. Try to stick with neutral colours ensuring any prospective tenants furniture will ‘fit’ into each room. Remember, if tenants can easily picture their furniture in the property thanks to a neutral finish, it makes it easier for them to decide on whether they can see themselves living in your property or not.

5) Clean And Eliminate Odour!

Before showing your property to any prospective tenant, have it professionally cleaned. Ensure whoever does it cleans everything from the floors to the appliances, cupboards (inside and out), bathroom, the inside of built-in furniture, dusts high and low and cleans the inside of the windows. If your property is in a block and window cleaning isn’t part of the maintenance, it’s worth paying a little extra to get this done too. From our experience tenants are looking for a home that looks and smells clean; it’s definitely the first and foremost thing they are looking for. If your property has tenants still living there when it goes to market, ask them to clean the property as best they can, ensure the property is tidy and not cluttered and carry out a landlord inspection before viewings commence if needed.

Mi-Move can provide a step-by-step checklist for landlords or vendors on how best to present their property before it is released on to the market, we also have fantastic tradespeople who could carry out any work if required. Call us for a free rental valuation on 020 3538 0558 or email our property manager –